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Monument LED Signs

Make a Significant Impact With Cost Effective Electronic Monument Signs

Monument LED signs help businesses, churches, and organizations make a significant impact with outreach and advertising. Cost-effective electronic monument signs ensure that your property gets noticed by more passersby, boosting visitors and sales. A digital monument sign attracts attention and creates a lasting impression on potential customers.

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Why Choose Our LED Monument Sign Company?

Digital Monument signs Made In The USA

Our monument signs, made in the USA, embody the quality and durability that only domestic manufacturing can provide, ensuring your investment not only supports local industry but also stands the test of time.

Turnkey Digital Signage Services

From initial design to final installation, our turn key services ensure a seamless, hassle-free process, enabling you to enjoy a state-of-the-art digital sign without the complexities typically involved.

Lifetime Tech Support

Invest with confidence knowing that our monument LED signs come with lifetime tech support, offering you peace of mind and assurance that your sign will continue to impress and engage potential customers for years to come.

Wholesale Monument Sign Prices

Offering competitive wholesale pricing, our monument church signs are a cost-effective solution. They combine high quality with affordability to maximize your return on investment.

Images of Our Electronic Monument Signs

How Much Do Monument Signs Cost?

Monument–style sign replacements cost between $1,500 and $10,000, depending on the LED display size and features required. Meanwhile, the average cost of a double-sided LED monument sign is $15,000. To find out how much you may need to spend on monument signage cost, contact our sign experts today!

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Digital Monument Sign Product Features

Weatherproof LED Displays

Engineered to withstand the elements, our weatherproof LED displays ensure your message remains bright and clear in any condition, from sunny days to harsh weather.

Easy Wireless LED Sign Programming

Our monument LED signs come with intuitive digital sign software, so changing your sign’s message is as simple as a few clicks, making it hassle-free to update messaging. Understanding that you’ll interact with this system frequently, we’ve designed it to be intuitive. We also provide software training and ongoing support, ensuring you can manage your sign efficiently and maximize its impact

High-Resolution HD Full Color LED Signs

Experience unparalleled clarity and vibrant, lifelike colors with our high-resolution HD full-color LED signs, designed to capture attention and convey your message with stunning visual impact.

Unmatched 5-Year LED Sign Warranty

We offer an unmatched 5-year warranty on our LED monument signs, ensuring your investment is protected, and your sign continues to enhance your site for years to come.

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Custom Monument Signs Options

Monument LED Sign Materials

Tailor your sign to match your site’s aesthetic with options like elegant stone (masonry), rustic wood, or a classic brick base, ensuring your monument sign perfectly complements its surroundings while providing a durable foundation for the LED display.

Sign Cabinet Paint Colors

Select from a wide range of paint colors for your sign cabinet, allowing you to customize your monument sign to align with your brand identity, enhance visibility, and attract more attention to your business or organization

Electronic Monument Sign Process

  1. Initial Consultation and Budgeting: Kickstart your journey with a detailed consultation, where we establish a budget that aligns with your needs for a high-quality, USA-crafted, LED monument sign. Opt for value-driven selections that promise durability and aesthetic appeal.
  2. Regulatory Compliance Review: Our experts meticulously examine local zoning and signage regulations to ensure your monument sign adheres to all legal requirements, including size, height, and placement specifications.
  3. Monument Sign Selection: Explore a variety of top-tier monument signs within your budget. We provide detailed visual representations to help you visualize the final product and make an informed decision.
  4. Custom Fabrication: Once you’ve made your selection and provided a deposit, we oversee the entire fabrication process. Our team ensures the LED sign is built to last, using premium materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques.
  5. Professional Installation: Our skilled installation team ensures your monument sign is perfectly placed for maximum visibility and impact, completing the process with precision and care to guarantee an outstanding result.
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Applications of Electronic Monument Signs

We have several types of electronic monument signs for sale, from modern brick signs to custom signs. 

School Monument Signs

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Enhance the campus environment with vibrant, informative LED monument signs that guide, inform, and welcome students, staff, and visitors, reinforcing the school’s presence and spirit in the community.

Church Monument Signs

digital church signs

From Methodist to First Baptist Church, illuminate your message with a digital monument sign, inviting members and passersby alike, and promote service times, events, or inspirational messages in a welcoming, visible format.

Buisness Monument Signs

large monument signs

Draw attention and drive traffic to your location with eye-catching business monument signs, an essential tool for a store looking to attract customers to a business location with eye-catching shopping center monument signs.

Government Monument Sign

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Digital monument signs are an effective communication tool for government buildings and public spaces. They convey important public messages, announcements, or wayfinding information with clarity and reliability.

Monument LED Signs FAQ

Monument signs – sometimes referred to as monolith signs – are large, free-standing, weather-resistant signs that sit close to ground level. They generally have little or no open space between the sign and the ground and are constructed to be solid signs that stand the test of time. Illuminated monument signs often have LED displays installed which gives them the ability to reach more people.

We provide free installation as part of the complete monument sign cost. Rest easy knowing our sign experts will be on-site to ensure your monument sign meets your requirements.

We like to make consumers aware of how technology enables them to search for the right monument sign for their signage needs. Simply go online and search for “monument sign near me” and research the monument sign companies.

Below are the more common-sized lighted monument signs.

Large Monument Signs: 5×10 LED Sign

Average Size Monument Signs: 4×8 LED Sign

Small Monument Sign: 3 x 6 LED sign

To choose the best monument sign for your needs, you should consider several factors.

Monument Sign Visibility

Ensuring your monument sign is noticeable from afar is paramount. Positioning the sign close to thoroughfares or pedestrian paths maximizes its exposure to passersby, enhancing its effectiveness as a beacon for your business.

Brand Image Consistency

Your monument sign is a reflection of your brand, and it’s essential to echo your business’s identity through it. Consistent use of your brand’s logos, colors, and fonts strengthens brand recognition. A sign that aligns with your brand identity not only draws attention but also solidifies your market presence.

Durable Materials

The choice of materials for your monument sign is crucial for its durability and aesthetic appeal. Select cabinet w that withstands the elements, from harsh sun to winter chills, ensuring longevity. Preferred materials such as stone, metal, or wood should complement your branding while offering sturdiness and resilience.

Property & Building Lighting

Incorporating lighting, especially LED, can transform your monument sign into a striking feature visible day and night.

Monument Sign Location

The placement of your monument sign is vital for its visibility and impact. It should be prominently positioned to be easily seen from nearby roads and clear of any blockages, ideally situated close to your business entrance or in a spot that effectively directs visitors to your location.

Digital Church Signage

LED Monument Signs Increase Community Engagement & Foster Communication

Embrace the power of LED monument signs to foster a stronger connection with your community. These innovative signs not only serve as a landmark, but also actively engage the public, broadcasting relevant information, community events, or welcoming messages. Their bright, clear displays are designed to capture attention, making every message count, whether it’s for a local business, educational institution, church, or government entity. By integrating such dynamic signage into your landscape, you invite a higher level of interaction, making your site a focal point in the community.

Invest in a digital LED monument sign today and see how it revolutionizes engagement with every passerby. Contact us now to explore how our custom solutions can boost your engagement and make your message a beacon in the community.

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