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Digital Church Signs

Attract New Members with LED Church Signs

Digital church signs help churches become a beacon in their communities, offering a dynamic platform for effective communication. Outdoor LED church signs are more than just signage; they bring sermons to life, display inspirational messages, and leave a lasting impact on passersby. Made in the USA, our electronic church signs engage potential members and accelerate church growth with 24/7 visibility.

As a Christian sign company dedicated to serving churches, we are uniquely positioned to sell digital signs for churches that meet your congregation’s outreach needs. Get a free quote or contact us for a personalized consultation on how a digital church sign can grow your ministry.

Why Pastors Trust our Digital Signs for Churches

We specialize in meeting the unique outreach needs of the church community with affordable LED signs for churches to enhance your place of worship.

Partner with a Christian Signage Company

Our Christian values are at the heart of everything we do. With a Colossians 3:23 mindset, we ensure integrity and dedication in every LED church sign we create.

LED Church Signs Made in the USA

Upheld to rigorous standards, each digital church sign is made domestically in the United States. Blending quality, durability, and exceptional design, our church electronic signs display clear, vibrant, and impactful content.

Comprehensive Sign Services

We sell LED signs with full-service solutions. From the initial concept and design to seamless installation, our digital signage solutions ensure that your church LED sign journey is handled with local service and nationwide reach.

Unmatched Church LED Sign Warranty

An LED church sign is backed by a leading 5-year warranty and a 10-year parts availability guarantee, ensuring long-term reliability for your church’s outreach.  You can depend on our vivid LED signs for impactful communication and engagement.

Outdoor Led Church Signs Transform Places of Worship

Discover the outreach of affordable outdoor church signs, enhancing visual appeal and effective communication for places of worship. Browse our image gallery to see the striking impact of our illuminated church signs. These electronic signs for churches offer easy content creation with dynamic messages, including LED scrolling signs to digital marquee signs for churches.

How Much Do Digital Church Signs Cost?

When investing in church digital signs, pricing varies based on size, technology, and customization. Understanding the cost is important for budgeting, so here is a clear breakdown:

Base Price Range for LED Church Signs:

  •  Outdoor Digital Church Sign Cost: Common-sized electronic church signs cost between $7,000 – $20,000.
    (depending on size and resolution)
  • Monument Style Sign Replacements: $1,500 – $10,000  (depending on size and desired features)
  • Standard Electronic Marquee Signs: $5,000 – $10,000
    (price varies based on size and text effects)
  • Advanced Church Marquee Signs: Starting at $10,000
    (customizable with additional features)

Peace of mind and convenience come standard at no extra charge!

  • Our base price includes professional installation. We handle everything, saving you time and effort. For more complex installations, additional fees may apply.
  • A 5-year warranty ensures your LED church sign is protected.

Customize your sign with optional add-ons:

  • Connect to your church’s WiFi: Manage content easily and remotely for $350.
  • Optional Verizon data plan: Yearly ($150) or lifetime ($1,500) access to keep your sign connected even in rural areas.

Investing in an outdoor church sign is an investment in your community. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and budget! We offer financing options and personalized quotes. 

Outdoor LED Signs For Churches

Cost by Size: Electronic Church Signs Prices

Display Dimensions2 Feet X 4 Feet4 Feet X 5 Feet3 Feet x 6 Feet3 Feet x 7 Feet4 Feet x 8 Feet5 Feet x 8 Feet5 Feet x 10 Feet6 Feet x 8 Feet
Sqare Footage9.3 SqFt18.6 SqFt19.8 SqFt22.3 SqFt31 SqFt37.2 SqFt48.4 SqFt49.6 SqFt
Pixel Resolution30x5050x6040x8040x9050X10060x10060x13080x100

Product Details & Features of Our Digital Church Signs

Robust 5-Year LED Sign Warranty

Along with lifetime maintenance and ongoing support, our lighted church signs outdoors are made with the highest quality components for superior performance. 

High-Resolution Signs for Pristine Clarity

High-contrast church signs with a weather-controlled LED display have strong luminance to maintain visibility in all climates, even in direct sunlight. Full-color LED signs for churches are impactful, even from a distance or at sharp angles.

Weatherproof Outdoor LED Signs

Our weather-resistant outdoor sign is designed with waterproof LED displays and an all-aluminum frame, ensuring your aluminum sign cabinet stands strong against harsh weather conditions. 

Electronic Church Signs with Edge to Edge Display

Our edge-to-edge digital display not only means exact measurements, but our LED modules also allow you to add to LED signs as your ministry grows. Starting as small as 1′ x 3′ full-color LED displays,  build the perfect church LED signs outdoor.

High-Quality LED Display Technology

Our 4K full-color LED signs offer high pixel density, and our aluminum sign cabinets meet NEMA IP65 protection standards. Outdoor LED screens are waterproof with a luminance above 5000 nits for superior performance.

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The Benefits of a Digital Church Sign

An outdoor LED church sign helps ministries stay relevant. Quickly update inspirational messages, display service times, and announce upcoming events..

Engage Potential Members

As an effective form of communication, outdoor electronic signs for churches can’t be beat. Reach new members with a warm welcome and expand church influence. Remember, the right church LED sign is not just about visibility; it’s about creating a lasting impact.

Increase Church Attendance

Studies indicate that an outdoor church sign increases congregational attendance by 32%! Connect with potential new members through text, images, and videos to present a dynamic daily message. A new sign will allow you to promote local events that convert Sunday morning visitors into new church members.

Implement Cost Effective Outreach

The real-time update capability of programmable LED signs is key in keeping your church’s messaging current, fostering a connection between church family and community. Plus, communicating multiple dynamic messages on one LED sign saves time and money. 

Easily Update Messaging

Outdoor LED church signs can be updated with the push of a button, ensuring that your special events, service times, and event announcements are highly visible in the local community, enhancing participation from congregations and potential new members.

Types of Electronic Church Signs For Sale

Digital Monument Signs

Outdoor LED Church Signs

combo church sign

electronic marquee signs for churches

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Custom LED Signs for Churches

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Key Considerations: How To Choose The Best Electronic Signs for Churches

When buying outdoor digital signs for churches, many pastors don’t know to carefully consider connectivity options. Because church staff will be managing content every week, it is important to have the option to change messaging on any mobile device that is at hand. Ensure your LED church sign package has easy-to-use software connectivity, like our Cloud+ software. 

Minimum Viewing Distance

When selecting a digital church sign, understanding the distance that digital outdoor signs for churches are legible is crucial. Learn more from our digital church signage online resources.

LED Display Resolution

The resolution of your outdoor full-color LED display determines the clarity of your message. 

Church Sign Maintenance & Support

Reliable support for full color LED signs outdoor is important for your electric sign’s longevity and superior performance of LED video displays.

Electronic Sign Regulations & Ordinances

When shopping for outdoor electronic signage for churches, ensure the sign installers understand local code requirements established by your local municipality.

LED Church Sign Warranty

A comprehensive warranty offers peace of mind and assurance against future issues with your outdoor church sign.

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Our Electronic Church Sign Process

  1. Consultation and Budgeting: Set your budget for a durable, USA-made, full-color LED church sign at the average cost of $10,000.00. Avoid cheaper, non-durable options to ensure long-term value.
  2. Municipal Code Review: We’ll review your church’s zoning and sign codes to determine the appropriate size, height, and placement for your full-color LED sign, ensuring legal compliance.
  3. Electric Church Sign Selection: Find new church signs for sale that fit your budget. We provide visual renderings to aid your decision.
  4. New Sign Fabrication: Finalize your choice with a deposit. Our team manages permit acquisition and new LED church sign fabrication inside durable metal building homes.
  5. Church Electronic Sign Installation: Our team of installers provides seamless installation at the optimum location for the most views.
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Church Digital Signage Solutions

Church Signage Consultantation

We offer expert church digital sign consultation for optimizing outdoor LED message boards to get maximum impact. 

Upgrade Existing Sign Retrofit

Existing monument-style signs make a great foundation for outdoor digital signage for churches. Experienced in upgrading signs, save money on a refurbished or retrofit digital sign for church today!

Design a New Church Sign

We have years of experience crafting a new sign tailored to enhance community engagement at places of worship. Outdoor LED signs for churches offer unmatched visibility and cost-effective outreach.

LED Church Sign Installation

Our team ensures the efficient installation of electronic message boards, enhancing your church’s visibility, outreach, worship experience, and communication capabilities. Places of worship across the US trust us to install affordable LED church signs.  

Digital Sign Training

Training resources for your LED sign for church are an essential part of the signage process. Tutorial videos for basic operations, in-depth instructions on LED displays, and options for one-on-one lessons. Our cloud-based sign software ensures you make the most of LED signs.

Lifetime Tech Support & Maintenance

Lifetime assistance with ongoing technical support and maintenance for digital LED signs ensures longevity and superior performance for your new LED sign. 

Digital Church Sign FAQs

Looking for electronic church signs for sale? Of all the new church sign companies available, we offer church digital signs nationwide, catering to various denominations and worship places and religious organizations in the USA. 

For detailed pricing information, read our comprehensive guide “How Much Does Digital Signage Cost in 2024.”

Interested in the cost of church signs? Electronic church signs prices vary based on size, features, and resolution. The average cost of digital church signs is $10,000.00. 

Speak with out sign specialist for even more affordable outdoor church signs.

We have financing available on church LED signs. For monthly payments as low as 300.00 a month, your church could easily update daily announcements and service times with a new LED sign. 

Quality LED signs can operate at full capacity for 100,000 hours or 11 years. You can significantly extend the service life an church LED signs by managing the operational schedule efficiently.

To choose the right size church LED sign, consider local permitting size restrictions, your sign’s goals, the amount of text and its readability from a distance, traffic speed near the sign, the sign’s distance from the road, whether it’s on a monument or pole structure, and your budget. These factors will guide you in selecting an appropriately sized sign that is visible, effective, and compliant with local regulations. For a detailed consultation or some friendly advice, contact our team of church sign experts today.

Technical Specifications of Church Digital Signs

When buying digital church signs, understanding the resolution and how it impacts visibility is crucial to making an informed investment. Resolution, measured in pixel pitch, determines the clarity and readability of your sign, especially from specific distances. The following technical specifications will help you choose the right resolution for your church LED sign, whether it’s for indoor or outdoor use.

Outdoor LED Church Signs:

  • Standard Resolutions: For outdoor LED signs, common pixel pitches include 16 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, and 30 mm, with the most common being 16mm. These LED signs are designed to be larger with a wider pixel pitch because they are typically viewed from a greater distance.

  • Size and Resolution Recommendations:

    • For LED signs 3’x6′ or smaller, a 10mm pixel pitch is the minimum recommended resolution for clear visibility.
    • For 4’x8′ signs or larger, a 16mm resolution is often a suitable, balance between clarity and cost-effectiveness.
  • Viewing Distance Guidelines:

    • Ultra High Resolution (6mm): Ideal for close viewing, best viewed at 20 feet and beyond.
    • High Resolution (10mm): Offers crisp images and text, optimal at 30 feet and beyond.
    • Enhanced Resolution (16mm): Suitable for signs viewed from mid-range, with a best viewing distance of 50 feet and beyond.
    • Standard Resolution (20mm): Designed for signs that are positioned further away from the audience, with an optimal viewing distance of 65 feet and beyond.

Indoor LED Church Signs:

  • Pixel Pitches: Indoor displays typically feature pixel pitches of 6 mm, 10 mm, 16 mm, or 20 mm, accommodating closer viewing distances than outdoor church signs.
  • Image Resolution: For optimal digital display quality, images on indoor church signs should have at least twice the number of pixels as the digital sign’s height and width. For instance, an image displayed on a 48 x 112 pixel sign should be at least 96 x 224 pixels to ensure clarity.
  • Choosing the Right Resolution: The tighter the pixel pitch (e.g., 6mm, 8mm, 10mm), the higher the resolution, making these LED screens best suited for areas where viewers will be close to the sign. Wider pixel pitches (e.g., 16mm, 19mm) are ideal for church LED signs positioned at higher elevations or further from pedestrian and vehicular traffic, where finer detail is less critical.

Key Considerations:

  • Viewing Distance: The chosen resolution should match the expected viewing distance. Higher resolution signs are necessary for closer viewing to ensure that text and images appear sharp and clear.
  • Digital Sign Location: Consider whether the lighted church sign will be used indoors or outdoors, as this influences the required pixel pitch to achieve the desired clarity at the expected viewing distances.
  • Content Type: The resolution may also depend on the type of content displayed. Detailed images and videos require higher resolutions to maintain quality.

For personalized advice on selecting the appropriate electronic church sign size and resolution, consulting with sign experts who understand the unique needs of church communications is recommended. Our digital sign company can provide tailored recommendations to ensure your message is seen and understood clearly, regardless of where your electronic church sign is placed or how far away your congregation will be.

Outdoor programmable LED signs require minimum maintenance, such as regular cleaning and occasional easy-to-do technical updates. Our ongoing support and maintenance services are included when you buy church electronic signs from us.

Electric church signs are a dynamic tool for congregations, offering an engaging way to communicate with your community. Electronic signs for churches are ideal for announcing regular worship service times, upcoming events, Bible study sessions, and special events like conferences or guest speakers. Digital display boards for churches are also perfect for welcoming new members and pastoral staff, while fostering a warm, inviting atmosphere.

For creative inspiration, including humorous, motivational, and short sayings for places of worship, see our article on Church Sign Sayings

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Our Affordable LED Church Signs Are Proudly Made In The USA

As a leading provider of outdoor digital church signs, we offer turnkey services, from custom design to seamless installation, to make your digital church sign journey quick and easy. With a 5-year church sign manufacturer warranty and a 10-year parts availability guarantee, our team of sign experts offers pastors and church leaders peace of mind with our American-made outdoor LED signs for churches.

Trust our cost-effective LED signs to deliver vibrant images, videos, and content that resonate with your local community. Contact us today for a free quote and start your journey towards impactful outreach with affordable digital signs for churches!

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