About Digital Church Signs

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As the only digital sign company uniquely dedicated to serving churches and schools, we provide a specialized focus on meeting the distinct needs of local communities. Our commitment as a Christian company extends beyond business as we strive to help churches and schools thrive in this modern, digital landscape.

Partner with a company you can trust to guide you in the unique role that LED signage plays in communication and community engagement.

Why Choose Us for Digital Signage Solutions

Made in the USA: Commitment to Quality

Our entire operation, from manufacturing and engineering to sales and support, is based in Alabama and Kentucky, serving churches across the United States. We proudly uphold high standards of quality, which is evident in our rigorous quality control testing.

Local Service with Nationwide Support

Our American project managers are committed to assisting you before and after your digital sign purchase. With a nationwide reach, we ensure that every school and church, regardless of location, receives our full support throughout its signage journey.

Industry-Leading Warranty

Our confidence in our products allows us to offer a comprehensive five-year warranty and a 10-year parts availability guarantee. Plus we provide lifetime tech support. And because we are located in the US, we specialize in fast delivery time, with most LED displays arriving in under four weeks.

Comprehensive Training for Maximum Impact

We provide extensive web-based tutorials and in-person training to ensure you can fully utilize the potential of your LED display, enhancing your message and engagement.

Our Comprehensive Sign Support Services

Consultation and Custom Solutions

We understand that implementing effective church signage requires thoughtful planning and research. Our team of experts is ready to guide you in choosing the right type and size of LED sign, ensuring it fulfills your church’s specific needs and maximizes your investment.

Professional LED Sign Design Services

Our qualified design team specializes in creating signs that are not only visually appealing but also effective in attracting new members and engaging the community.

Expert Engineering and Code Compliance

Our in-house engineering expertise covers all the necessary specifications and drawings, ensuring each sign meets the highest standards. We also conduct thorough municipal code reviews to ensure your sign complies with local zoning and regulations.

Seamless Sign Installation Services

Whether you’re installing a new sign or upgrading an existing one, our installation team ensures a smooth and efficient process, guaranteeing that your sign is correctly set up and fully operational.

Make a Lasting Impact

Contact us today to learn how our specialized services can enhance school and church communication for community outreach. We help you find the best digital signage price for your budget and support you at every stage of your signage journey.

Areas We Serve

Our dedication to excellence extends to all 50 states. Our expert installation team is equipped to travel anywhere in the US, ensuring LED church signs are perfectly installed and functioning perfectly.

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