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LED Sign Retrofit

An LED sign retrofit, or LED retrofitting, is converting an existing fixture to an LED display. Many outdated and manual signs can be retrofitted to accommodate an electronic message center.

Whether you are replacing an outdated manual changeable copy sign or refacing an identification sign, call us to discuss your retrofitting options.

Upgrade an Existing Sign and Save Money

Save money on your new sign by using an existing structure!

Instead of building a whole new frame for your sign, you can use an existing sign cabinet. This is called a retrofit installation.

Many things can be used as a base for your replacement sign, such as:

  • Steel support poles
  • Masonry and brick columns
  • Wooden frames
  • Monument Sign Cabinet
  • and much more

Our experienced design team can adapt your new sign to fit many existing structures and is a much more affordable option than traditional sign installations.


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Upgrade an Old Sign for Affordable Sign Solutions

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